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What are the benefits & opportunities of using Dacsee?


Lifetime Recurring Income
Through the Dacsee affiliate referral reward system, you will be rewarded each time your recruit uses Dacsee. This also encourages Drivers to build their own fleet of drivers and recruit more passengers into the network.

Transferable Network
The network build is also transferrable to their loved ones or next of kin.

Circle of Friend & Preferred Driver
With Dacsee, you will be able to select your preferred driver by adding your friends in to your Circle of Friends. If you meet a driver you like, you can also add them into your Circle so that you can book them in future.

In Dacsee, every ride is constantly monitored by our community of users known as Companion. In an emergency, the nearest Companion will be notified with full customer information and the latest location.

Community Groups
With Dacsee, you will also be able to create community groups which allows you to connect with individuals that has similar interest whether if it’s a topic you want to discuss, and idea you would like to pitch, or a KPOP music experience you would like have, the possibilities are endless.

Updated on August 21, 2019