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To Receive Job

Going Online
  1.  Login to your Dacsee App
  2. Select “Driver” tab located on the top right of the screen
  3. Click once on the switch button to go online
  4. Wait for bookings from passenger to come in
To Receive Job
  1. When you receive a job card, check the pickup and drop off location prior to clicking on the accept button
  2. Click on pick up location navigation button to open map in Waze or Google Maps
  3. Once you have reached your pick up point, click on “I’m Here” button
  4. Select “Pick Up” if passenger is already on board (Select “No Show if the passenger does not show up at the designated pickup point)
  5. After dropping off passenger at the destination, please click on “Drop-off” button
  6. Key in the toll fare (if any)
  7. Total cash to be collected from the passenger will be shown in the app
  8. Click on “Fare Collected” after you receive the correct amount of fare from the passenger
  9. Feel free to rate your passenger after fare collection.

*Please be aware that you can get banned if your cancel rate is too high.

Advance Booking
  • Receiving advance booking
    1. Advance booking is indicated by the red color bar in the job card with pick up time and date shown.
    2. If you have taken any advance booking, we will notify you 30 minutes prior to the planned pick up time.
  • Head to pick up location
    1. Click the arrow on the right of your advance booking screen and it will show passenger’s booking details.
    2. Click “On The Way” if you are heading to the designated pickup location
Special Campaign
  • If you’re taking part in our campaign, campaign will be shown on incoming job card (What’s this)
  • Campaign bonus will be paid and available in your cash wallet.
Updated on December 17, 2019

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