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Referral Program & Incentive

  • What is Dacsee referral program?
    DACSEE’s concept of a sharing economy goes beyond the typical model of providing or sharing access to goods and services facilitated by a community. Through the DACSEE ride sharing platform we are empowering users to create their own groups and income streams, as well as participate in the sharing of rewards and profits generated by this platform. We are definitely disrupting the ride hailing industry by giving control back to the drivers and passengers

    Drivers stand to increase their per-drive income not just by increasing the frequency of trips made, but also by adding more drivers to their own referral network.

    As drivers verify and recruit new drivers to their group, they will be granted a permanent commission to their referral network, which earns them a percentage of platform fee. In addition, for platform fee that DACSEE deducts from rides, most of that commission will be given back to the community in the form of tokens and credit to Dacsee wallet. DACSEE also allows the community to inherit their network from their next of kin so that the community continues to grow and benefit.

Updated on December 16, 2019

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