What is What is Dacsee ANYDACS?
Dacsee AnyDacs is community of taxi & other type of drivers. Recommended to passenger who has no specific preference of vehicle type for their journey with Dacsee.

What is What is Dacsee COMPACT?
Dacsee COMPACT offers good value for passengers. This option allows you to get to your destination with the lowest possible fares.

What is Dacsee COMFORT?
Dacsee COMFORT is a selection of mid-range vehicles for those who want to enjoy extra comfort on their ride. An affordable step above other budget options that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

What is Dacsee XTRA?
Dacsee XTRA refers to large vehicles that can accommodate 5 – 6 passengers in one ride. It is the ideal choice for passengers travelling with family and friends to share the cost, or for individual passengers wanting a more spacious ride.

What is Dacsee EXECUTIVE?
Dacsee EXECUTIVE refers to our community of high-end vehicles. When you book a ride on Dacsee Premium, you will be able to enjoy an affordable trip with a premium experience.

What is Dacsee Taxi?
Dacsee Taxi refers to local taxi drivers who are part of the Dacsee community. Booking a ride via this option means you will be conveniently assigned the nearest Taxi to you.

Why use Dacsee?
Being a part of the Dacsee community means being a part of the world’s first “Ride Sharing” platform. Booking a ride is just one of the many benefits – as Dacsee community members will also be able to create and/or join Community Groups that connects you with other members with a shared lifestyle interests as you. Taking advantage of being a Rookie driver also gives you the opportunity to generate passive income from a community-based platform that adheres to the highest safety standards and features.

How does Dacsee charge our fares?
Dacsee is on a fixed rate basis. The fare is calculated based on the distance between the pick-up and drop off points entered and the estimated travel time but do note that toll charges are not included in the estimated fare and all toll charges are to be borne by passengers.

What are the service operating hours?
Dacsee operates 24 hours a day throughout the week. However, our community’s ride-sharing services are subject to availability of cars at the moment of booking.

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Updated on October 14, 2019

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