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Dacsee AnyDacs is community of taxi & other type of drivers. Recommended to passenger who has no specific preference of vehicle type for their journey with Dacsee.


TYPES OF VEHICLE: Compact Cars (Hatchback) Dacsee Compact gets you to your destination & offers the best value for passenger. Perfect for individual who do not mind a smaller car ride with cheaper fares too.


TYPES OF VEHICLE: Medium sized cars (Saloons or Sedans) Dacsee Comfort is a selection of mid-range vehicles for those who want to enjoy extra comfort on their ride. An affordable step above other budget options that will not burn a hole in your pocket.


TYPES OF VEHICLE: Mini Van (6-seater) Dacsee Xtra refers to large vehicles that can accommodate 5-6 passengers in one ride. It is the ideal choice for passengers travelling with family and friends to share the cost, or for individual passengers wanting a more spacious ride.


Dacsee Taxi refers to local taxi drivers who are part of the Dacsee Community. Booking a ride via this option means you will be conveniently assigned the nearest Taxi to you.

Express Dacs

Together we can deliver smiles to your doorsteps. We hope to brighten your day by having your food/parcels delivered to your front door. Stay safe at home and let us bring happiness to you!

Updated on March 27, 2020

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