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What is Dacsee?

Dacsee is a Decentralized Social Ride-Sharing Platform Built by the Community for the Community. With its decentralization model and affiliate rewards system, Dacsee platform empower members of the community to develop their own network of passengers and drivers.

What is the purpose of Dacsee?

Dacsee aims to get communities connected by creating opportunities for individuals to share knowledge and discover new experiences through ride sharing. Dacsee also provides a sense of ownership to the community that builds the platform by redistributing a large fraction of the 20% commission back to the communities that builds it.

What are the benefits & opportunities of using Dacsee ?

Recurring Income
Through the Dacsee affiliate referral reward system, you will be rewarded each time your recruit uses Dacsee.

Transferable Affiliate Network
The network built is also transferrable to their loved ones.

Circle of Friend
With Dacsee , you will be able to select your preferred driver by adding your friends or your favorite driver into Dacsee Circle of Friends.

Community Groups
With Dacsee , you will also be able to create community groups which allows you to connect with individuals that has similar interest whether if it’s a topic you want to discuss, an idea you would like to pitch, or a KPOP music experience you would like to have, the possibilities are endless.

Tell us about your company. How many drivers do you have in your platform?

In the 2.5 months since driver recruitment began, over 30,000 drivers have already signed up with Dacsee’s driver network in markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Would you be able to disclose how much funding your company has?

Dacsee has raised around USD 25 million so far. When a part of the fare is collected from the driver by the platform, all of it is distributed to the platform’s community, which consists of drivers, passengers, platform operator and authorities. This distribution mechanism is built on the blockchain technology which is transparent and visible by the public.

What are the features of blockchain tech that complement ride-hailing services?

Dacsee is an open-source and truly self-sustainable social ride sharing platform. Dacsee specifically facilitates relationships between drivers and passengers and empowers the ride sharing community by giving them more choice, freedom and sustainable multi-revenue channels. Ultimately, Dacsee envisions a platform that is run ‘by the community, for the community’.

Is there a cost to use the Dacsee platform?

There is no extra cost apart from the fares stated for passengers and the regular operating cost for drivers. However, each time you use Dacsee , you will get rewarded instead.
Facebook posts suggest that Dacsee is doubling as an ethereum investment platform and e-hailing service? How does this work?

Dacsee is a ride-sharing platform that is built by the community and for the community. Dacsee community users who help in growing the platform, such as drivers and passengers, get rewarded with Dacsee Token which is an Ethereum ERC 20 token in which the community can exchange the token into Ethereum or Bitcoin from the crypto exchange that Dacsee will be listed on

What is the minimum or maximum contribution amount per transaction?

The Minimum amount of contribution is USD20 and there is no maximum amount per transaction.

Will users be able to convert Dacsee tokens to other currencies?

Yes, users are able to convert Dacsee tokens to their respective currencies.

Where can I download Dacsee app?

Dacsee is now available at: Google & Apple app store

How does Dacsee plan on contesting the current player in the Industry?

Although it may seem to be disrupting the disruptor, this innovative platform is clearly designed to drive the industry to its next height. Dacsee is being created to complement the existing ride hailing space, by introducing the sustainability model for the entire ecosystem, social element for the community and improvising security during the rides especially for women who can be participating both as driver and passenger. Dacsee wasn’t created to be just another profit and power centric platform.

In view of that, where do you see the headwins to your business?

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency remains very much a mystery to not only Malaysia but also the world. I believe that this scrutiny is long overdue, and while authorities grapple with this disruptive technology, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will remain a grey area. There are examples of governments, most notably Japan and Australia that have embraced this disruption, and there are governments that have taken a very different approach like China. The majority like Malaysia are somewhere in the middle.

      • The idea of decentralization in Dacsee platform is focusing on sharing economy to bridge the gap of the rich and poor. It is a global effort. We are leveraging on the Ethereum public blockchain and crypto currency technology to display fair and transpar-ency in transactions which is auditable by the authority whenever necessary.
        Dacsee is a platform that utilizes technology that undeniably benefits all Malaysian stakeholders. If after reviewing our whitepaper or business model as you have, anyone can tell us some sort of negative aspect of the platform, then my team and I would happily discuss, debate, address the said issue. The truth however is that the Dacsee platform is a clear example of how modern blockchain technology can be implemented to in a way that benefits authority as much as it does the community.
        Our platform utilizes the Ethereum blockchain in order to:

        1. make all financial transactions open, transparent and auditable
        2. automate driver bonus and government tax payments
        3. leverage the “trustless” aspect of blockchain technology
        4. reduce administration costs associated with platform operations by using smart contracts
        5. enable all Dacsee stakeholders (drivers, government, members of the community) to own the platform
        6. provide local Malaysians an opportunity to participate and interact with this new disruptor
      • We believe the only challenges right now are related to reporting and tax collection. We are quite happy that the government has stressed that they want to be progressive and not stifle innovation and creativity. Our system is regulator friendly and we have a complete compliance plan designed for each country we are currently pursuing especially for the collection of taxes from the rides that take place on the platform. These plans and our engagement with regulators will therefore allow Dacsee to become a major player in new markets very quickly, without friction.
        We believe there is no reason why the Malaysian government should not want to work closely with us to support a locally developed technology such as the Dacsee platform, however we cannot control policy, only influence it. As such we will continue to discuss, and meet with local authorities in Malaysia as we implement Dacsee in Malaysia.
      • In terms of adoption, e-hailing apps are well entrenched and accepted in Malaysia’s transportation eco-system. Our business model, a key differentiator for Dacsee , has also been developed to mobilize potential drivers and passengers quickly.

What are the factors which would drive your business forward in Malaysia?

We had more than 2000 drivers register for our launch event, and we have more than 15,000 already registered. We did not incentivize them financially or give them any material reason to attend. Each driver attended because they recognized that the Dacsee platform is a community platform rather than a profit maximizing business venture. Drivers therefore realize that they stand to gain far more by driving for Dacsee than they do from current businesses operating in the space. The status quo is not good enough and any taxi driver or ride hailing driver will tell you that. This is why Dacsee will thrive in Malaysia, because our model balances the interests of drivers, authorities and passengers, and returns the benefits of the platform to all stakeholders in an equitable fashion.

      • More and more Malaysians are using e-hailing apps every day. Apparently there are over 60,000 Malaysians driving under various e-hailing platforms and in an online survey by SPAD, 80% of the public prefer e-hailing services as well.
      • Increasing urbanization and population growth is also supporting strong growth for the e-hailing industry as a whole. Dacsee systems are built to be highly sustainable for the long term as the empowerment of individual passengers and drivers propels the growth of the Dacsee platform. In essence, the empowered community ensures its success.

Do you mind sharing about the initial coin offering you undertook in Thailand?

Dacsee -touts-a-fresh-ride-sharing-model • As we have global ambitions for Dacsee , initial angel investment could only ever bring us so far. We therefore needed to find other means to raise funds to implement the Dacsee platform. We have been fortunate not to have to raise funds for the development of our technology but rather for its implementation. The platform itself was almost completely finished when we launched the ICO and rather than asking for investment to help us build a project that would not be completed for years to come, Dacsee needed funding for its implementation today. Supporters have been excited to watch our progress and this is why we have been so successful so far.

      • Being a technology development community, getting to the correct VC or investors and pitching to receive development and commercialization funds is a great challenge.
      • We didn’t undertook the ICO in Thailand to raise fund from the Thai community.
      • We saw a great potential of adoption towards Dacsee platform and how Dacsee can solve a lot of issues clinging the majority of taxi drivers and the conventional taxi industry. Observation was also into using Dacsee to reduce the daily traffic jam in the heart of Bangkok city and reduce carbon footprint.
      • Dacsee is way more than just another ride hailing/sharing platform.

How does the Malaysian market and regulations differ from Thailand?

Malaysia and Thailand are very different markets. As we are authority friendly, we follow the local regulations of each and every country. In Thailand, the market is dominated by Taxi drivers. You can therefore see a lot of taxis on the road; more than other vehicles actually. Malaysia has a more mature taxi industry and a market that has adopted ride-hailing very quickly due to the openness of Malaysians and the Malaysian Authority to embrace new technology.

      • In both countries the regulations do differ in terms of vetting. In Thailand we are in discussions with the Office of the Consumer Protection Board and in Malaysia we are discussing with the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).
      • Malaysia and Thailand has different market. As we are authority friendly, we follow the local regulations of each and every country.
      • In Thailand, it is Taxi drivers market as you can see a lot of taxis on the road and these are real hardworking community that is trying to make ends meet.
      • Malaysia has a more mature taxi industry and adoption is much faster due to the openness of Malaysian Authority in embracing new technology and which is really healthy for the country to move forward.

Dacsee Moving Foward

We are the first decentralized social ride sharing platform to launch serving a mass market. There will be roadblocks ahead, but we will overcome them one by one. The most important continuous task for Dacsee is to educate and build communities to understand the true underlying value of decentralization and the impact it can bring to the community.

      • Dacsee is not about having drivers and passengers as just another component in the ecosystem. It is about creating a harmonious community and ecosystem for now and the future generation.

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Updated on October 22, 2019

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