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Dacsee Driver’s Guide

Getting started to be a Driver

  1. Switch to Driver mode
    • – When you are ready to accept job, switch the OFFLINE toggle to the right.

  2. Getting Order
    Once you switch to ONLINE mode, you will start to receive incoming order. There will be a pop up screen for new incoming order as shown:

    • a. Payment option
    • b. Direct distance to pick up location by radius
    • c. Amount of fare (including promo)
    • d. Vehicle group for incoming order
    • e. HIGH FARE – This show the fare is higher than normal hours
    • f. PROMO – Passenger is getting a discount thru Promo
    • g. Note from Passenger (if any)
    • h. Pick up location
    • i. Drop off location
    • j. Accept – click this button if you are ready to pick up the job
    • k. Reject – click this button if you do not wish to bid for this order


    The Red Bar shows the Advance Booking, pick up date and time shown. Click Reject if you are unable to pick up this job as requested.

    Please make sure that you are available at the Pickup location on the specific date and time provided before you Accept

    *Always contact the passenger to confirm the job 15 mins before.

  3. Once you accepted the Job, you will see the Job Detail appears as shown
    • a. Name and Photo (if any) of Passenger
    • b. Message – In Apps text message to Passenger
    • c. Call Tab – Call to update your ETA status
    • d. Pick up location – Click on the Address to bring up GPS Navigation
    • e. Drop off location – Click on the Address to bring up GPS Navigation
    • f. Vehicle Group
    • g. if PROMO, there is a Tag for Reminder
    • h. Payment Option
    • i. Amount of Fare including PROMO (Exclude Toll Charges)
    • j. Cancel – Only cancel the job with valid reason
    • k. I’ve Arrived – Click this to inform the Passenger that you have reached

    Arrived to Pick up Point
    Press Continue if you reached the pick up location.
    Passenger on board
    Once Passenger is in your Vehicle, press pick up button. A pop up will show “Start Your Trip Now”, press continue to begin.

    Click on the Drop off location address to bring up the GPS Navigation. Once you have reached the drop off point, click on “Drop Off” button. Then click “Continue” button if the trip is completed.

    Trip Completion
    Once the trip is completed, your trip fare summary will be shown. Please key in the Tolls Fare amount (if any). Press CONFIRM to submit.

    Please collect the Total Fare from passenger for Cash Payment after Promo Deduction.

    Rate the passenger (1-5 stars)

    Send friend request
    a. Click “YES” if you would like to add this passenger into your Circle
    b. Click “NO” if you do not wish to add this passenger into your Circle
    c. Click “Block This Passenger” if you do not want this passenger to appear in your future booking

Updated on May 16, 2019

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